Via Cargne 22/24 - 25067 Lumezzane (BS)
citizen's LFV technology

Citizen’s LFV Technology

LFV stands for low frequency vibration cutting.
This cutting method introduces regular “air-cutting” into the cycle, breaking up of chips into very small pieces making it the optimum processing method for difficult-to-machine materials.

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seperfiltration oil


Eredibossini installed this new system where Vacuum Filter rotary filters allow continuous cycle filtration, which in addition to decimating the expenses for new supplies, keeps the oil quality constant over time so that it can be reused in other processes.

In order to be filtered and then cleaned, the oil must be brought to a temperature close to 80 °C and as a filtering medium it is used a layer of fossil flour.

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zeiss-o-inspect closeup


O-INSPECT delivers reliable 3D accuracy compliant with ISO standards at a temperature range of 18-30°C.

The main features of this machine are: telecentric zoomlens Discovery, adaptive illumination system, scanning sensor VAST XXT, probing rack, calibration sphere.

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The system identifies the positioned part and loads the appropriate program automatically.

The alignment is also automatic.

ZEISS O-SELECT sets the optimal illumination and focuses automatically.

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